‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ (2022) | Movie Review

Directed By:

Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert

Written By:

Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert


Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Jenny Slate, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ke Huy Quan


Action, Adventure, Comedy

Rated: R for some violence, sexual material and language

All media used courtesy of A24

Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, collectively known as Daniels, the film is a hilarious and big-hearted sci-fi action adventure about an exhausted Chinese American woman Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) who owns and works at a laundromat with her husband Waymond Wang (Ke Huy Quan), her daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu), and her father Gong Gong (James Hong). There’s a lot of differences in her and her family and she’s always longed for a second chance at life. But while the family are being chastised by a very frumpy IRS agent (Jamie Lee Curtis), she encounters a different version of her husband, from a multiverse, here to help her save it.

This is one of the strangest, funniest, and well-edited films I’ve seen this year. It’s no wonder Daniels reportedly passed on helming LOKI in order to create this brilliant film. The Multiverse concept is getting its fair share of coverage in recent series and upcoming films, but I doubt very much any will match the sheer outrageousness of Everything Everywhere All At Once. Though the Multiverse concept is utilized for the visuals as well as the backdrop for each characters stories, It’s the films look at generational trauma, love for your family, and questions of self worth that make this have the fun, and the heart.

Michelle Yeoh is fantastic, as is her back and forth between the father (Ke Huy Quan) and her daughter (Stephanie Hsu). The way Evelyn and Waymond work together while also experiencing the loss of the love in their relationship was entertaining and heartbreaking. The same could be said for Evelyn and her father, which relationship dynamics are transferred in Evelyn and her daughter. These relationships are key to solving the end of the multiverse, and the way Daniels made such a large concept feel so personal still is a huge credit to them and the performers. The supporting characters in Jenny Slate and Jamie Lee Curtis are laugh out loud hilarious, and unexpected.

The fighting and choreography is really entertaining. The way they utilize the environment in each punch, and use the story to influence the fighting is all seamless. Have to give it up for my boy Andy Le for not only finally getting to show his face, but having lines, having humor in his character, and showing off his impeccable stunt work against some of the greats.

Overall, I really enjoyed Everything Everywhere All At Once. This is the multiverse film to beat all others, I don’t see how Multiverse of Madness can top it emotionally. With great characters, fighting, and emotion, it will surprise you and delight anyone looking for a strange and heartfelt sci-fi dramedy.

Rating: 9 out of 10.
Patrick Beatty
Patrick Beatty

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