‘Moon Knight’ (2022) | Ep. 1-4 Review


Doug Moench


Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy


Comedy, Family, Romance

Rated: TV-14

All media used courtesy of Disney & Marvel

*Disclaimer* This is a Spoiler-Free review of the first 4 episodes, Not a lot of details and likely shorter. Stay tunes for a Spoiler review after the first episodes have aired for all to see!

Moon Knight stars Oscar Isaac as a man who can’t delineate life from his dreams. He never feels safe when it comes time to sleep, staying up and locking himself up to his bed. He’s somewhat a bit of a loser, (think Ben Stiller from Night At The Museum but british) and his only real interactions are with a non-communicating busker. When one of Steven’s dreams involving a cult leader (Ethan Hawke) feels almost too real, Steven begins to see his real life merge into his visions, and discovers that he may have another life that’s been trying to get out.

I was able to check out the first 4 episodes, and I can tell you that you are NOT ready for what this series is bringing. More specifically, what Oscar Isaac is bringing, which is his full range and gravitas to one of Marvels newest anti-heroes that may be intense, but could be darker.

Firstly I absolutely love history about anything related to Egypt, Mummies, ever since reading R.L Stine and watching The Mummy. Moon Knight will deliver for anyone hoping to have that explored, but what’s been more publicized is Moon Knight’s look at mental health in general. Steven is not a mentally sound person, and he is open about it from the start. The episodes will visually show you the true chaos going on inside his head in ways that demand you pay attention to every second of it. I love the way the director has chosen to showcase this and think it can only get more crazy as the season goes on.

Oscar Isaac is fantastic in the role. His accent at the beginning was very difficult to get behind, likely because of how familiar I already was to his voice. Sometimes it can seem a bit exaggerated, but once you can get past that you can see some of the nuances to it. Ethan Hawke is an inspiring character for many, but clearly is a cult leader that is only looking out for himself. Cunning yet very soft in his speech and demeanor. I’m excited to see where his character is taken in this, thus far he is a scene stealer.

I’m not sure this can be considered dark now that Netflix’s Daredevil has moved into the MCU and is now on Disney+. That’s a TV-MA rating for sure and Moon Knight feels more like a hard PG-13. The Batman is considerably darker even with a PG-13 rating, so I wish they hadn’t marketed it like that. It is one of the most fun, bizarre, offbeat Marvel shows that we have, and it’s leaning into it in ways I absolutely love. Looking forward to seeing more and talking to you more about what specifically I enjoy.

Patrick Beatty
Patrick Beatty

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