Patrick Beatty | Film Critic


Since I can remember, I’ve been influenced by movies. I grew up with heroes like Luke Skywalker and Bruce Wayne. I dance-fought in the middle of the living room to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (yes, 3)’s opening title sequence. I grew up in a strict LDS (Mormon) home, with separated parents who each tried their best but in the end, wound up fighting throughout my life. Movies were my escape. My rebellion. Cinema has opened my eyes and broadened my world to so much beauty and wonder. I want to spend my entire life sharing my love of films with people, and hopefully, one day if there is someone out there feeling alone, and unwanted, can turn to a Gaggle of Geeks like myself and share in the love of movies that made us what we are, and excited for the future of film!

Chaz Campbell Evans | Critic/Filmmaker


Chaz Campbell Evans is a Utah local filmmaker, writer, and newly debuting as a contributing critic on Patrick Beatty Reviews. You can catch his short film ‘Night of Adventure‘ on his page and his Letterboxd profile. Chaz loves talking movies, getting sweaty about what he’s passionate about and the art of filmmaking.