‘Cow’ (2022) | Movie Review

Directed By:

Andrea Arnold

Narrated By:

Lin Gallagher



All media used courtesy of BBC Films

Cow follows the lives of two different Cows, there’s no narrating, no direct story, just following Cows. You may be wondering if this is even a film, or just a compilation of moments that are put together with a mild attempt at cohesiveness. Btu I’ve seen many films make much less sense than this, and what I found so surprising to me is that even though there’s not much to this simplistic look at these beautiful creatures, that there’s an inherent admiration and emotional response to what is shown, and that makes it worth discussing.

What I loved and hated at the same time is the ability to interpret what you’d like from the perspective that largely is unbiased. I would catch myself thinking in ways that challenged my perception of how I view raising cows, and how we handle them in a consumer-driven world. I would wonder if this was propaganda by Peeta in some moments, not because there’s some weird product placement inserted or a sudden narrative shift, but merely because I felt for these animals that consumerism has shrouded the truths of their lives from us.

I also truly can respect and admire the work that goes into treating these animals humanely while also using their resources in a respectful manner. We as the human race were brought up as hunters and gatherers, and thinking about the risks and rewards of catching a wild animal with little protective resources to me now sounds like a death wish. But that’s what not eating was for humans, a need. I credit the directing so much for not only giving us some incredible scenes and shots, but also for keeping this as unbiased as possible to allow the watcher to ponder while watching.

Overall, this is not a film I would have sought out, but I’m glad I was able to watch and feel if it’s something you’re willing to consider it’ll be very rewarding. It’s meant for someone with an open mind and an earnestness that is shown throughout the runtime. It can be slow, but still I would recommend.

Rating: 8 out of 10.
Patrick Beatty
Patrick Beatty

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