‘Windfall’ (2022) | Movie Review

Directed By:

Charlie McDowell

Written By:

Justin Lader, Charlie McDowell


Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins, Jason Segel


Crime, Drama, Thriller

Rated: R for language throughout and some violence.

All media used courtesy of Netflix

In Windfall, A man (Jason Segal) breaks into a tech billionaire’s empty vacation home hoping to make a quick grab of cash and whatever he can hang on to. As he’s preparing to leave, things go sideways when the arrogant mogul and his wife arrive for a last-minute getaway. Now having no way to escape, the man and the couple will have to make arrangements to keep them alive and get this intruder out of their lives. This Hitchcock-infused suspense comedy is fun, even silly at times. But the tone remains a consistent nail-biter up until the end.

Jesse Plemons is one of the best actors working today, so I was thrilled to watch this the minute I knew he was involved. His character, while seemingly aloof to the emotions anyone else has around him, is only interested in self-preservation. His wife (Lily Collins) is well aware of her husbands shortcomings but refuses to look at her own choices in being with him, what that changed in her life, and if she feels content as is. They had excellent back and forth and give terrific leading performances.

The only way this couple can confront their issues is in reaction to Jason Segals character, a mysterious man with a good heart but not enough wits to successfully pull off a robbery. His plan was originally simple, but now faced with exposing himself to these two, he essentially is out of his depth on what is possible in his own robbery. That’s where a lot of the humor comes from and is done so very organically and doesn’t feel unrealistic.

Once you begin to learn about the three characters and they are given choices, the suspense levels up and keeps it’s audience completely engaged. Without spoiling any of more of the plot, it takes turns you don’t expect, and some that you can see from a mile away. Even so, I enjoyed every second of this film and think if you’re a fan of old suspense thrillers you will too.

Rating: 8 out of 10.
Patrick Beatty
Patrick Beatty

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