‘Hatching’ | Sundance 2022 Review | Interview w/ Director Hanna Bergholm

Directed By:

Hanna Bergholm

Written By:

Ilja Rautsi


Jani Volanen, Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä, Saija Lentonen, Reino Nordin, Oiva Ollila


Adventure, Drama, Horror

Tinja is an aspiring gymnast that is struggling. Her life is not her own, being puppeteerd by her vlogger Mother and never having her own time. One day, after witnessing her mother kill a bird in her home and asking her to take it out into the woods, she uncovers an egg she decides to keep. This egg will hatch to a horrifying creature that imprints on Tinja, but as she watches this creature develop, she realizes they have more in common that she could ever imagine. This body horror with strong practical effects will be a hit for horror fans, but maybe too much for a typical audience.

The body horror genre can walk a delicate tightrope. Teeter too far to the grotesque without story to validate it and you fail, veer towards showing less and keeping it only philosophical and you loose interest from the people wanting the gore. ‘The Hatching’ is very smart and deliberate in when they choose to show this creature and it works well. It begins in an innocent way through this egg, that suddenly grows overnight into something out of Jurassic Park. I loved the progression this creature has, and the practical transitions of the body evolving feels like something from Hellraiser.

The character motivations all work well, and the tension isn’t just from hiding this enormous creature like in E.T. The tension of being in a family that expects perfection, the specific scenes with gymnastics really portray the horror from the mother coaching her daughter. Their dynamic makes you want Tinja to be able to keep this creature, and even kind of feel for their broken relationship. All of the acting was stellar, though I always question the intelligence level of parents in these kind of films. But, judging from the real world these past two years, stupidity is realistic.

Overall, if you love classic horror films such as Hellraiser, The fly, you’ll have a blast with Hatching. There’s an earnestness to the horror that feels special, and the practical effects are worth the price of admission alone.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Interview With Director Hanna Bergholm | ‘Hatching’

Patrick Beatty
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