‘DOWNFALL: The Case Against Boeing’ | Sundance 2022 Review

Directed By:

Rory Kennedy

Written By:

Mark Bailey, Keven McAlester



When it comes to air travel, we put a lot of trust in the people and companies asking for our money to fly with them. A few years ago, Boeing was considered to be the top of the line in safety and affordability. but after multiple Boeing 737 MAX jets crashed, killing countless lives and disrupting families, the government and the world wanted answers. This documentary explores how corporate greed, disillusionment, and ultimately laziness forever tainted the respect and trust of Boeing, and perhaps will make you rethink who trust in the commercial flight industry to keep you safe.

What is shown in this documentary is essentially how an arrogant company places their bottom line against quality and safety checks. We find out the specific malfunctions with the previous Boeing planes were failing at, and how shockingly negligent the company was in checking safety measures. Those safety measures could have easily solved this issue before lives were lost, but Boeing did not care.

Too many companies are eager to get your money without ensuring your own protection or safety of their products. Look at a few years back when Samsungs phones were literally exploding in peoples pockets. Look at the lack of right to repair laws that threaten you financially if your device can’t be fixed by an authorized seller for globs of cash. Boeing followed the similar trend of not caring for the customer, and it seems like nothing has changed to ensure this never happens again with the next negligent company.

In short, this documentary is necessary for us to wake up to what we’re being sold. I don’t know if watching this will solve anything regarding companies that don’t do proper safety checks, but we as voters can at least attempt to add legislation to protect the consumer on both a financial and physical level from cutting corners. Though this is all information that can be found rather easily, it’s in how it is presented here that makes me recommend checking it out.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.
Patrick Beatty
Patrick Beatty

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