‘House of Gucci’ (2021) | Movie Review

Directed By:

Ridley Scott

Written By:

Becky Johnston, Roberto Bentivegna, Sara Gay Forden


Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino


Crime, Drama, Thriller

Rated R for language, some sexual content, and brief nudity and violence.

Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga), is an outsider from humble beginnings, but marries Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) and becomes involved in the Gucci empire. Patrizia has drive and ingenuity as she begins to unravel the family legacy. This triggers a series of betrayals, drama, and Jared Leto being Jared Leto in a weird, slow, and unintentionally campy story about a real life murder.

Director Ridley Scott has been in the news recently for his disdain for how critics and audiences have embraced his films for 2021. Blaming the younger generation, straight up cursing press out but all doing it in a way that feels like a dark comedy. That could be echoed with ‘House of Gucci’. It’s tough to know who this film is even for, aside for a vehicle for Lady Gaga come awards season. She does portray Patrizia well and her performance is really the main thing worth seeing with the film.

Locations, sets, costumes, are all there any you can tell there is a lot of attention to detail when it comes to representing the Gucci brand within the story. The runtime is baggy, pacing is incredibly slow, and the performances feel disingenuous. At times the film feels more farcical than actually trying to accurately portray the true events aside form when Adam Driver and Lady Gaga are acting. Hearing Al Pacino and Jared Leto’s accents, Let’s insane amount of prosthetics that make him look utterly ridiculous, it’s a hot mess.

Overall, ‘House of Gucci’ isn’t Ridley Scott’s best work, and that is ok. ‘The Last Duel’ is much more palatable to me and the story more resonating in the end. But still, if you are curious about whats in this movie and maybe in the mood for a unintentional laugh, check it out and let me know what you think!

Rating: 5 out of 10.
Patrick Beatty
Patrick Beatty

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