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Wolgang Puck

Directed By:

David Gelb

Written By:

Brian McGinn

‘Wolfgang’ is one of the featured documentaries coming to Tribeca this year and covers the rise of famous chef Wolfgang Puck. From his young age entering the culinary world to revolutionizing the kitchen and bringing it to the tv screen, Wolfgang Puck is largely responsible for what we know today as the food television industry. This will be streaming on Disney+ next week and I would strongly recommend checking it out!

First, the way director David Gelb crafts the scenes involving Wolfgang cooking, or his creations are some of the finest food cinematography out there. I myself have been a longtime fan of the chef Gordan Ramsay, not really knowing Wolfgang Puck only by name. After seeing ‘Wolfgang’ it’s clear to see that Ramsay as well as almost all of the culinary tv stars we know today were influenced by the OG one way or another.

Wolfgang Puck himself is interviewed in the film, and you learn a lot of his history told through his own voice which I think was a great narrative choice. Hearing from himself his shortcomings as well as his successes makes the audience feel closer to the documentary subject than if it were a traditional format where the documentarian narrates the film. With that you need to rely on the integrity of Wolfgang in that what he’s saying is the truth or HIS truth. Either way, the ‘Wolfgang’ is impactful and inspiring.

Overall, ‘Wolfgang’ is an interesting and visually mouth-watering documentary made with love about one of the best chefs in the world. If you are at all interested not only in the man behind the food but some incredibly shot food porn.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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