‘The Woman in the Window’ (2021) | Movie Review

‘The Woman in the Window’ stars Amy Adams as an agoraphobic woman Anna, who witnesses something happening across the street in the new family’s apartment. The family, a shy son, an abusive father, and a free-spirited yet handcuffed wife are all potential suspects in what could be a horrible crime. But did this crime actually happen, or was it inside Anna’s head all along?

Joe Wright directs an homage to the Alfred Hitchcock classic ‘Rear Window’ with some impressive visuals but lacks the suspense and mystery Hitchcock was known for. Amy Adams is brilliant in any film she is in however in this film she’s not given much to work with. The supporting actor’s performances are all acted well, the characters themselves still feel very 2-dimensional and hollow.

The biggest issue for me was in the mystery not having much effect in the end. I personally was able to identify where this was going fairly accurately early on in the story, leaving much of the film to be just dallying along to the conclusion. This is based on a book that many enjoy (including my incredible wife) but still, this adaptation I feel would be more a disservice to any of the readers who were hoping for a more rewarding format.

Overall, ‘The Woman in the Window’ was a decent watch for the performances and the visuals, but doesn’t quite hit the suspense level that I was hoping to see, nor was I surprised by any part of the mystery.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Patrick Beatty
Patrick Beatty

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