‘Seaspiracy’ (2021) | Movie Review

‘Seaspiracy’ is directed by Alu Tabrizi and explores the underbelly of catching and fishing and how that is leading to a disaster in our oceans. What starts as a look into microplastics in the ocean, becomes a rarely ever seen look into the industrial fishing industry, and how our oceans are becoming a huge influence on global warming, overconsumption, and animal cruelty.

At times, ‘Seaspiracy’ is riveting with handheld camerawork literally of the director hiding to film away from the police who are looking for him. The Interviews are all done very well and the movie is easy to follow along for anyone to see what the main issues are with industrial fishing. Seeing the amount of waster and overfishing we are doing as a species is kinda horrendous. Types of fish that only years ago were plentiful are now becoming endangered, and the cruelty we put sharks through by defining them is heartbreaking to watch.

I was also interested to know about how laws and fishing practices are being used to protect dumping waste and fishing ropes into the ocean, as well as protections that allow unethical and dangerous fishing to happen on such a large scale. While there is a lot of video evidence of the fishing boats as well as some of the dangerous practices, I wish the film did more to explain how we ended up where we are today with industrial fishing to understand where we are now.

Overall, The fact that director Alu Tabrizi did not call this film “Conspirasea” rather than “Seaspiracy” might be the biggest mark against it. Go check it out now keep in mind might be a little tough for kids to watch due to the graphic nature of the fishing.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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