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In ‘Nobody’, Bob Odenkirk plays a father whose house is burglarized by two people who he had the chance to stop but didn’t in front of his son. This sets off a chain of events from his family no longer seeing him as a protector of their household and the father, Hutch, completely emasculated. After deciding to take revenge on the people who broke into his home, Hutch is accidentally put into the middle of a crime mafia and he will have to use his military background to get him and his family to safety.

First off I really enjoyed Nobody. Bob Odenkirk is excellent in this and in such a unique casting, very similar to HBO’s ‘Barry‘ where the main character with this background in fighting is completely unsuspecting and even overlooked in life but knows about 18 different ways to take you out. The performance was great, his fighting work credit goes to him or his stunt double because that fighting looked great. The stunt coordination was very similar to ‘John Wick‘ where you have Gun-Fu, lots of long takes of fighting, and brutal finales.

Connie Nielsen playing Hutch’s wife was great as well as the son played by Gage Munroe. Hutch eventually has to seek the guidance of his own father, played by Christopher Lloyd. He’s living in a nursing facility and gives a lot of the exposition and backstory of Hutch to the audience but in the third act is given lots of room to shine, and shine he does.

When it comes to the villain there isn’t a lot of uniqueness to him. It’s a Russian mafia guy that lets his ego get the best of him, very by the numbers, and maybe could’ve been more unique to this story specifically. Sometimes the film feels like it wants to expand its world and make it feel like a whole universe, however, the world-building is still very vague and hard to seep into that you are mainly watching to see Bob Odenkirk kick a lot of butt rather than learn about him.

Bob Odenkirk in ‘Nobody’ from Universal Pictures

Overall, Bob Odenkirk is ass-kicking fun in ‘Nobody’ with impressive fighting and a unique premise that viewers will love seeing from him. It’s out in theaters now, go check it out!

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Nobody Movie Review
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