‘We Are The Thousand’ (2021) | SXSW ’21 | Movie Review

‘We are the Thousand’ is about the Rockin’1000, a group of Italian friends who became a global community bringing musicians from all around the world. It’s a story of how the largest band on the planet came to be: over nineteen thousand musicians, amateurs and pros from every age group and social background, united by one passion: rock’n’roll. The people who created this incredible movement have one thing they want, Have The Foo Fighters come and play a show for them. This documentary showcases the ultra-passionate fans and musicians who came together to play music they love and send a message of love to their favorite band.

I had a good time watching this mainly because of seeing just how much fun the musicians were having. This movement turned into a viral video getting tens of millions of views and I never even knew about it! The Rockin’ 1000 evolved from being a plea to get their band to come play for them to being a 1000 member metal orchestra doing something likely never done before on such a large scale.

What is also so heartwarming is the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl’s response to the video. He is actually now know for reaching out to viral videos calling him, if you look at the recent drum off Dave Grohl had with young drummer prodigy Nandie Bushell. See how much Dave also loves and interacts with his fans was fun to watch and though of course everyone acts differently in front of the camera you think he’s just a great guy on or off.

Overall, ‘We are the Thousand’ is an interesting look into the viral video that brought a thousand strangers together for a common love and goal to share that love with The Foo Fighters. What you see in the show is true, and people playing music together is always great to see.

Patrick Beatty
Patrick Beatty

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