‘Our Father’ (2021) | SXSW ’21 | Movie Review

In ‘Our Father’, two estranged sisters Beta and Zenda, search of their mysterious Uncle named in their fathers will. The uncle, who may hold the key to their father’s suicide and their family’s unhappiness, has never been seen by either of the sisters. The family are incredibly dismissive of Beta and Zelda finding him because they want to get to their fathers will, however the daughters feel a duty to find this unknown Uncle to know what happened to their father. Whether they get the answers they are looking for or not, they will have to come together and address thier familial issues to grow in this drama/dark comedy.

The first act goes relatively smoothly, but the editing and pacing ends up making the runtime feel very sluggish. There are some parts that are tough to decipher if they are meant to be funny or intentionally cringe. The family all tend to overact against our leads, making the tone feel jarring and inconsistent whenever is follows just Beta and Zelda.

The acting by both leads are good, and they have good chemistry with each other, however that doesn’t save the rough pacing that took me out of the film. I wish there were more interesting things happening during the journey to find their uncle. There are a lot of themes about feminism, how sexism affects the people in our lives particularly family.

Overall, ‘Our Father’ is a slow dull film that I can’t recommend checking out. There are good performances in the leads but that doesn’t stop the film from being a chore to watch.

Patrick Beatty
Patrick Beatty

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