‘In & of Itself (2021) | Hulu Review


Frank Oz


Derek DelGaudio


Derek DelGaudio

‘In & of Itself’ is a unique experience to review. This is a stage show that was filmed for tv and executive produced by Stephen Colbert. The Audience takes a card from a wall of cards that read “I Am —” which could range from farmer to lover to ninja. What magician Derek DelGaudio prefaces his show with is a message to the skeptics that cannot see below the surface of the show, and proceeds to astound with magic, slight of hand, and inspirational messages of self acceptance, individualism, and how you are perceived by others.

I had a great time with this unique performance. If you go in looking for a strictly magic show you might be disappointed when the written monologues begin however, the messages in this film are so impactful for each individual member of the audience that by the end you feel you are sitting arm in arm with them. Check out my video review and let mw know what you think of In & of Itself!

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