‘The Little Things’ (2021) | HBO Max Review

Joe Deacon (Denzel Washington) and Jim Baxter (Rami Malek) are two detectives investigating a possible serial killer spree that has a familiarity to Deacons past. Directed by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side, Saving Mr. Banks) dips his feet into a darker story than we’ve known him for and I think ended up making a very suspenseful and entertaining crime drama.

Denzel Washington delivers a great performance as Joe Deacon. This man is a shadow of what he was in his prime and still, you feel a hunger in him to find out the truth and find the killer. Deacon is brought in to work a case from a department he has a long history with. You discover more about him through Jim Baxter, the officer who replaced him in the department who is interested in teaming with Deacon.

Jim Baxter is a squeaky clean, by the books detective as opposed to Joe Deacon having a unique style to investigating. The actors chemistry was strong and I believe them working together. Another great performance comes from Jared Leto, who is potentially a lead in the case and delivers a intensely creepy performance that reminds me that Leto CAN play a good Joker, but Suicide Squad just wasn’t the right vehicle for him.

The suspense is great, and the ending will leave you with a lingering sick feeling. You’re forced to face a choice the film compels you to make that I don’t know if I can fully side on either way. Is it the next ‘Seven’? No, but it is a very high quality episode of ‘Law & Order’ or ‘Dexter’ that I really enjoyed and am excited to talk to others about once it’s released tomorrow on HBO Max.

Overall, ‘The Little Things’ has impressive acting and lead characters with a compelling story. If you like crime thrillers I strongly recommend checking this out.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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