‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ (2020) Was A Whoosh | Movie Review | Emily Blunt, Jamie dornan


John Patrick Shanley


John Patrick Shanley 


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VOD/Theaters Dec 11th

‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ is an Irish love story about a farmers son Anthony (Jamie Dornan) and his neighbor Rosemary (Emily Blunt) that has been in love with him since he was little. The Father Tony (Christopher Walken) is planning on selling his land to to Anthony’s brother Adam (Jon Hamm) which ignites propels Anthony in a mission to earn his fathers respect in order to keep the farm. Rosemary is consistently sending signals to Anthony that she is interested in him, but with what he feels is a family course hanging over him, getting Anthony to admit his feelings for Rosemary might be the toughest challenge of all.

To put it simply, this is a snore of a film. I was rather shocked by how great the cast was looking like that ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ seemed to drag on for so long. Starting with one of the opening scenes with Tony and Anthony, where Christopher Walken attempts an Irish accent with his trademark ‘Walken-like’ accent mixed together. I love Walken, but this film did not favors for him, maybe as much as ‘Gigli’ did him no favors as well. So many great actors in this film that just waste potential with this story. The writing does nobody any favors, and left me no blaming any of the actors for their work on this film. They tried their best with what they were given.

Let’s talk about this absurdly weird and unrealistic relationship with Rosemary and Anthony. Through the entire film Anthony is not only oblivious to Rosemary’s advances, he actively avoids them. There are very few reasons why any man would turn away from a person who looks as beautiful as Emily Blunt does in this film, so when the reason is revealed, it better be good. not only was the reveal ridiculous, it was completely out of left field and made zero sense to the film. I was dryer than the Sahara in regards to their chemistry, and could care less whether they ended up together in the end.

Good cinematography and a star studded cast cannot save a bad script, and this was a stinker. I’m thinking this review may still be coming off a bit harsh, however it’s the potential lost here that infuriates me more than the forgettable film as a whole. Worth the watch if you are into Hallmark movies.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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