‘Dreamland’ (2020) | Margot Robbie | Movie Review


Miles Joris-Peyrafitte


Nicolaas Zwart


Margot Robbie, Finn ColeTravis FimmelGarrett Hedlund

Release Date:

November 13th (In Theaters)

The hunt is on for a wanted bank robber accused of murdering a young girl. One of the police officers step son Eugene (played by Finn Cole) decides to go on the hunt in search for the robber known as Allison Wells (played by Margot Robbie). As he is pursuing Wells, Eugene begins to discover a chance to start a new life, and search for his father who left him at a young age. ‘Dreamland’ explores love and loss in a dust bowl backdrop, with two impressive performances from Robbie and Cole, but with a back and forth plot that ultimately isn’t explored enough to be highly engaging.

First off I really think the issues with the film isn’t anything to do with the performances by both leads. I bought into their chemistry as well as their motivations to help one another- or manipulate. Margot Robbie is a star shines in her performance. I think Finn Cole also did well in his performance, I liked his chemistry with Margot Robbie and think the story hinges on their performances.

I think this is a film for anyone who follows Margot Robbies career, and though the formula may be a bit worn down, it is still worth checking out on digital this week!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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