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In ‘On The Rocks’ a young married mother of 2 is questioning whether her husband is being faithful to her, and enlists the help of her wealthy retired father to investigate and uncover the truth. The film, directed by Sofia Coppola (Lost In Translation) is an examination into a marriage losing it’s spark of love, and the anxiety of not understanding why, in one of Sofia Coppola’s best films that I was completely charmed by.

First the directing done by Sofia Coppola is some of her best work to date. I loved the shots of New York City, the way she was able convey the somewhat lost feeling a spouse may feel in a marriage thats love isn’t as palpable as it was in the beginning, especially after having children. The story is very relatable and raw in it’s realness and that in part is due to the great performance by Rashida Jones. I thought she portrayed a mother and spouse questioning her partner very well. Not in a way that is overly dramatic or hyperrealistic, but in for lack of a better term authentic way that I could see anyone behaving like. Her father is cast perfectly with Bill Murray, an eccentric playboy moving into his twilight years and using this attempt at catching infidelity as cracking wise, and going on adventures with his daughter. Their chemistry is very special and I loved every scene they were in together.

There are supporting performances that also stand out, Jenny Slate, as the silly parent friend of Laura (Rashida Jones) named Vanessa. She is only in it for a couple of scenes (literally) but It is always great to see her. Marlon Waynes as the husband Dean was good, and toed the line of not giving you a clear motive or direction of if his character is actually unfaithful or if it is just a misunderstanding. The movie is a slower burn and much more of a character study than a mystery of sorts. What I love about Sofia Coppola’s directing is how engaging she makes the her scenes that are really just two people talking crackling with energy and makes you totally engaged in the words.

Overall, ‘On The Rocks’ is charming, funny, and perfect for anyone looking for a slower-paced silly adventure, with real characters and motives that are universal and will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

I’m giving ‘On The Rocks’ a 9/10

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