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Adrian Bobb


Adrian Bobb


Cara Gee, Zoe Doyle

In 2020 where there is an abundance of content to be found on multiple streaming platforms, it can be daunting and even overly time-consuming to go find something to watch. We’ve seen new formats of storytelling in the form of streaming platforms like Quibi, that are able to give you snippets of a long form show in 10 minute increments, so I was happy to be referred to watch ‘EXT’, that I feel would work very well being added to that streaming service.

‘EXT’ is set in a future where humanity has not been in the real world for 200 years. They chose to be in a virtual world as opposed to the real world, using AI and robotic avatars, and fighting a war with the help of a retired security agent. ‘EXT’ is a unique short film that feels like the prelude to a strong detailed vision by director Adrian Bobb and the start of a promising premise that I enjoyed watching!

The prelude to the story catches you up to speed with the world you are about to be immersed in really well, almost feeling like a ‘Star Wars’ prologue and written so that anyone can understand what is happening. It immediately puts you into a visual spectacle showcasing what the real world now looks like. At times the effects can feel a little bit like a cut scene from a upcoming ps5 game, however when it cuts to the human scenes and interactions with the actors it improves a lot. I think both performances were done well and I hope for those characters to be expanded in another chapter of the story.

If you have time to spare, go and check out ‘EXT’ it will be well worth your time!

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