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‘Hubie Halloween’ is the new Adam Sandler Netflix comedy that centers around ‘Hubie Dubois’, the town fool mocked by kids and adults alike due to his distinct voice and gadget-weilding thermos. It’s Halloween, and there’s an escaped inmate from a mental institution on the loose in the town of Salem, and Hubie is the only one who will be able to save the town and save Halloween in the process.

With Adam Sandler comedies, you tend to know what you’re getting into if you’ve seen any of his previous films. There’s going to be somewhat guilty chuckles, a group of familiar faces that make his ensemble cast, and (if it’s a good one Adam Sandler film) will give you a sense of endearment and sweetness to it’s story. With last years incredible film ‘Uncut Gems’ we got one of Sandler’s best performances he’s every done, and he was quoted on the Howard Stern show in regards to if he were to be snubbed by the academy for best actor of said film, vowed to make the worst film anyone has seen. While I don’t think ‘Hubie Halloween’ could stand on it’s own in a theatrical release, I found myself having a more enjoyable time watching this film than a lot of his recent attempts in partnering with Netflix.

The opening scene introduces you to a familiar nurse you may recall being in Sandler’s ‘Happy Gilmore’, played again by Ben Stiller. Yes, the Sandlerverse is in full effect with references to ‘The Waterboy’, ‘Billy Madison’, and possibly more. The supporting case is enourmously stacked from the brilliant Tim Meadows, Maya Rudolph, Steve Buschemi, Shaquille O’Neil, and Kevin James. Everyone seems to be having a blast and it shows on screen. What I wouldn’t give to be on the set of one of Adam Sandler productions. The character of ‘Hubie’ can be off-putting with his mumbling voice and seem more offensive than funny, but the story does try to revolve around treating the outcast with kindness and empathy, which is a message I think anyone can get behind.

Overall, this certainly isn’t Adam Sandler’s worst film to date, and for the most part goes down pretty smoothly. Go watch with your kids with properly set expectations and I think this will be a fun movie for both of you.

I’m giving ‘Hubie Halloween’ a 6/10

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