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We’ve seen many iterations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles character Sherlock Holmes on the big and small screen. But we’ve not heard much from his younger sister Enola Holmes (played by ‘Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown in this telling of her story). This story involves the disappearance of the Holmes mother, which lead Enolas brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft Holmes (Sam Claflin) to send her to a finishing school. Their mother (played by Helena Bonham Carter) has found a way to send her daughter cyphers to search for answers, but Enola will be evading the worlds greatest detective, who’s also her brother along the way, in this fun story that I enjoyed watching!

I’m very happy to see Milly Bobby Brown be able to step out of her Eleven role in Stranger Things, and be able to play a spunky, feisty pseudo detective in her youth against the surprisingly human And compassionate performance by Henry Cavill. They both have a fair amount of screen time together and I really liked seeing the twist on a Holmes dynamics. Sam Cliftons Mycroft also is well acted but doesn’t have much to expand from other than the typical Mycroft tropes of him being above his siblings.

The mystery itself is not easily unraveled like in many mystery films in the younger age demographic. I like that this film chooses to let you try to solve the case along with Angola, rather than spoon feeding plot points to have you decipher it before the story does. There is a little bit of suspense and action that keeps you engaged in the story, and invested in Enola.

Overall, this is a great family film for anyone interested and will have a little bit of everything for you. It’s not necessarily a see it now in theaters level film but still proves entertaining and worth a watch!

Enola Holmes gets a 7/10

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