‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ (2020) | A Most Excellent conclusion | Movie Review

How’s it goin, Gaggle of Geeks?! I am Patrick S. Preston Esquire Theadore Logan, and I’m here to pontificate about a most bodacious movie. Bill and Ted have lived in my heart, and my dvd bookcase for most of my life. I grew up watching Excellent Adventure, a cheeky and self-aware, yet fun time travel movie. Followed by Bogus Journey, which completely upends the previous film and expands into something truly excellent. It’s been over 20 years since the Wild Stallions have graced us with their presence and now, we don’t have to wait anymore!

In this most conclusive end to our hero’s journey, Bill & Ted, now middle aged fathers, still haven’t played the song that will unite the world. Rufus’s daughter Kelly (played by Kristen Schaal) have come to warn them that the very fabrics of reality are being torn apart due to a serious lack of Bill and Ted being successful. With little time left, Bill & Ted, along with their daughters Thea and Billie will embark on another time-traveling adventure, to find the song that will save theirs, and many other universes.

This movie has no right to be as triumphant as it is. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are most resplendent to watch, and their chemistry is still there. Yes Way! They have managed to tell a story that fits in perfectly with the previous two films, and do something that many films that are made decades after the previous film can’t, sell you on the story and the characters. It’s often so bogus to see characters reprise roles that just don’t work for them anymore, or that feels like a needless cash grab. You feel the energy crackling with every performance, and you know they are loving every second of it.

Bill & Ted are facing themselves in many iterations, some are dickweeds, some are very funny. I loved the idea of using the multiverse and including that aspect into their already messy time travel explanations. The princesses, recast in this film again, also have a story arc that I believe is most improved on in this story. The daughters Thea and Billie are very non-heinous, in fact the make a big part of why this film works. Rather than some other franchises that try and force a “make way for the new generation” story that doesn’t pay tribute to what has come before. I loved the way they introduced it in this film and was very pleased with the third act reveals that tie up everything neatly.

There are many supporting characters like the previous films, the Grim Reaper returns, if only for a minute but is the MVP of the film as far as supporting characters. There is a special role for Kid Cudi to be able to help explain the time travel science that in the end, still makes absolutely no sense. There is a killer Robot, that has a hilarious, very ‘Station’-like presence that worked for me.

There is a lot of bogus green screen, that feels like I could’ve done it in my garage with a couple hundred bucks. But it is more charming than distracting in most cases. The film keeps with it’s self-awareness, It’s obviously not a spectacle or Oscar nomination. It’s dumb, full of heart, and most importantly, EXCELLENT.

Worth your time, money, and patronage. Available online to view at home, It’s a big recommendation from this guy. Just know what your going into!


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