‘We Don’t Deserve Dogs’ | SXSW 2020 Review

‘We Don’t Deserve Dogs’ is from film making duo and SXSW alumnus Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker. This explores our world surrounding man’s best friend, dogs. From therapy support animals to cherished idols, dogs are utilized in society in ways the west can’t quite imagine. ‘We Don’t Deserve Dogs’ is A contemplative odyssey across our planet, looking at the simple and extraordinary ways that dogs influence our daily lives. Former child soldiers in Uganda. The local pub in a Scottish town. A dog walker on the streets of Istanbul. A kaleidoscope of unconventional portraits from fascinating locations is what makes this documentary a must-watch for SXSW and anyone interested!

Seeing the connection a dog has to humanity in different forms is fascinating. We travel to various different areas such as Chile, Uganda, Peru, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, Finland, Romania, Vietnam, Nepal, and Scotland. Each culture has it’s own unique perspective on our canine friends. One, in particular, I loved watching was a full dog day parade and celebration. Whether it’s your dog, or one just on the street, the entire community shares in love and celebration of the dogs. Another perspective is of a therapy dog, showing how dogs help in traumatic events of children that were forced to fight in a war. There are a lot of great crowd-pleasing awe moments in the film, but there are also some looks into very different cultures that treat dogs much worse than you could imagine.

In the end I enjoyed the educational bits of the film. There is a lot of interesting cultures and traditions when it comes to our furry friends. Even now as I’m typing my 5 lbs pomeranian is helping me finish this review by continuing to growl until I ultimately give in to her demands. Likely these demands include a walk, treat, or a combination of the two (both words I cannot utter for fear she’ll recognize the words). Please go and check out this documentary It is worth a watch!




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