‘Mcmillion$’ | Sundance 2020 Review

McDonald’s monopoly, otherwise known as the “we just need one more goddamn railway” game that included free hash browns. Yes, the iconic marketing sweepstakes McDonalds Monopoly game had my and every other family clamoring to win the game full of various prizes. In this documentary, Director James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte uncover a jaw dropping, and underground con that gave away literally ‘Mcmillions’ to ONE family. In this HBO documentary, you will be shocked once you know the truth about how rigged this game truly was.

Now that premise sounds serious, and no doubt it is, people lost homes, everything, because they believed they were given a ‘break’ when in reality were being made complicate in crimes. Where the tone turns to being a much more light and fun tone is when they reveal how the FBI were able to uncover the truth.

The main character in the FBI that discovers the truth about the crimes and goes undercover is hilarious. The agents that worked with him all called him a spotlight hog and loved to show off, and you can see that in how he is even entertaining in recalling the case. I’ve just seen the first 3 episodes due to the festival only releasing the first half, but it’s more than enough for me to recommend you all check it out!

Overall, I love documentaries like this and with such a huge topic that everyone knows like McDonald’s monopoly, it’s going to be a huge hit. Go and get an HBO subscription when it premieres this February!

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