‘Miss Americana’ | Sundance 2020 Review

‘Miss Americana’ Is directed by Lana Wilson and is a documentary about Taylor Swift, her life, and her apparent ‘awakening’ to wanting to become more progressive and outspoken in her career and life.

The documentary covers her entire career in select segments and highlights. From her first time performing in Nashville, to that infamous ‘Kanye-VMA -Gate’ scandal– whatever you wanna call it, to just recently with Taylor Swift being more outspoken in her local politics and getting thousands of younger fans registered to vote. There are a lot of inspiring, and admirable qualities to Swifts journey and story, but where this documentary wants to focus on is all of the moments that make her great, and is very surface level.

I wanna rename this film “Taylor Swift attempts to be Woke”, because it’s certainly not meant to cover her life and story, but more try and satisfy her more progressive fans and reaffirm that she’s now pro LGBT and basic human rights. Swift specifically points to the fact that as a country singer she couldn’t have a voice, which is ridiculous to me. It’s all very surface level with no substance.

This is a film for Swift fans and nobody else. Nothing groundbreaking or impactful outside of the church of Swift that makes you think, and I genuinely don’t know why it premiered at Sundance. If you love Taylor Swift, you’ll love this! If you don’t care, honestly just skip it. There are much more engaging and interesting documentaries out there made with more depth and story.

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