‘Underwater’ | Movie Review

Underwater was directed by William Eubank and stars Kristen Stewart as a Mechanic located in a subterranean laboratory deep underwater. When an earthquake devastated and rocks the station. Stewart, along with her crew played by T.j. Miller, Jessica Henwick, Vincent Cassel and more. This claustrophobic horror film attempts to rise to the challenge of films within this genre have set, such as ‘Alien’ or even recently with the small budget film ‘Life’. Sadly the movie isn’t as able to separate itself as it’s own unique take in the genre, and ends up feeling rehashed and dull in the end.


This isn’t to say there aren’t reasons to be seeing this film in January, and it by no means is a ‘January’ film– meaning a movie that hasn’t really been pushed by the studio and the release in January because they know it will flop. This has been the case with January for years, and with films much like this. Back in 2017, a film came out called “Life” with a very similar feel but in space. With “Underwater” it may be unique to set this film in the ocean, however they don’t use the environment enough to make it feel justified and not just a gimmick.


The horror elements are very sophomoric, you really are only getting scared because of a loud noise or something jumping out at you in a calm moment. Nothing in the film is making you feel afraid that is properly built up or suspense that works within the story. The characters were pretty one note, Kristen Stewart and T.J. Miller try their best with the material they are given but it’s just not strong enough material to reward their work. I would like to one day see Stewart in a action hero role worthy of her time.


The production in the film was very well done. I did enjoy the set design, and the special effects looked like there was money put into it. Sure, ‘Underwater’ may be able to hold it’s head above water for the first act and with impressive effects, but with a lackluster story and unimpressive scares, the film ultimately drowns itself with a not so impressive story.


I’m giving ‘ Underwater’ a 5/10


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