‘Parasite’ (2019) | Movie Review

‘Parasite’ is directed by Boon Joo Ho and centers around a family immersed in poverty until the son is offered a job to Tudor a wealthy family’s daughter. Honestly, that is ALL the details I want to give you for this review regarding the story because while not being a direct mystery film does have a lot of slow reveals that, if told to you now, would completely spoil the experience. What I CAN say, is ‘Parasite’ is one of my most unforgettable movies this year that stuck to me after seeing for over 2 weeks now, and I f***ing love it!


‘Parasite’ is a triumph when it comes to storytelling. Director Boon Joo Ho continues with his themes from previous works like ‘Snowpiercer’, themes involving classism and inequality. But in ‘Parasite’, Boon Joo Ho brings a more refined nature to the film and covers a wide variety of genres, turning from a drama to comedy, to a mystery. I loved all of the tiny nuanced details that the director puts into the film, whether it be in the set design or in the dialogue, everything culminates to a shocking and satisfying conclusion that will leave you sitting in your chair for a few minutes after the credits roll. The cinematography is beautiful, this is one of the best looking films that you will see this year, really on a whole all of the technical aspects of the film were masterfully done.


Being a film set in South Korea, for those that may not watch many foreign films that have subtitles or maybe don’t like to have to read with your movie. Get over it. ‘Parasite’ is the perfect film to start digging into foreign films and really expanding to more than just western films. The movie frankly doesn’t need dialogue to be impactful and even if I knew nothing of what was being said, the strong visual storytelling and acting done by the cast tell the story completely. Please, if you don’t watch foreign films, give this one a shot.


At the center of this movie runs the theme of income and class inequality. The unsettling mirror back at our society is so clear and easy to connect to. This isn’t a film trying to be smarter than you, it invites you along the journey and encourages looking closer into the underlying messages the movie has. At the time of writing this, ‘Parasite’ is poised to be the most profitable foreign film of the year and it deserves it. If you don’t know anything about the film, keep it that way! Go in knowing as little as possible! ‘Parasite’ is my favorite foreign film of the year, it might be my favorite film of the year. Period. Go and check it out!


I’m giving ‘Parasite’ a 9.5/10






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