Is There Or Is There Not A Multi-Verse? ‘Far From Home’ Post Credits Scene Theory (Spoilers)

(WARNING: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home, Endgame, really any of the MCU films.)

With ‘FFH’ being released this week in the U.S., It’s time to start over-analyzing and throwing wild speculation at every frame of the two juicy post-credits scenes we got. While there is a TON to unpack with the first scene, revealing the Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Mysterio’ had framed/cleverly edited footage to reveal Spider-Man was calling a drone strike on civilians and reveals Spider-Mans secret identity as Peter Parker. Where I want to start digging into is the last after credits scene, where it is revealed that Maria Hill and Nick Fury were Skrulls for the entire film, while Fury is lounging around what appears to be an enormous Kree facility. With that being presented, let us break it down.

Why Were The Skrulls/Fury After Mysterio?

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In the post-credits scene, the Skrull playing Fury, Talos (who was introduced in Captain Marvel and again played by Ben Mendlesohn) References that Fury had sent them to investigate ‘Mysterio’ because it was, in no uncertain words “Too good not to pass up”. To me, this could mean potentially that Nick Fury has not only been off-world since Endgame but that any appearance of Fury moving forward could potentially be Talos pretending to be him. This also confirms that the relationships between the Kree and Skrulls are still intact from the events of “Captain Marvel”, and not only that, but they have in harmony created an enormous space facility (we’ll get to what that could be) to monitor and assess potential threats from the galaxy.

Fury Has Been Looking For A Multiverse Since ‘Endgame’


What most fans will either be all in on or completely against, is how they subvert Mysterio’s character and the idea of a ‘multiverse’ existing in the MCU. But DID they?! While Mysterio did reveal that his entire backstory was made up by his gang of disgruntled Stark employees, it does beg the question of why Talos, let alone Nick Fury bothered to investigate the claims in the first place? Perhaps the truth is stranger than fiction, and Fury had already been looking for any multiverses that may have been created post-snap. To me, the writers of ‘FFH’ very cheekily placed the seeds of a multiverse into the film that they plan on expanding on in the future phase of MCU movies.

Where is Fury at? 

the-peak-marvel-comics-720x1106Comics fans may know already where I’m going with this, so I’ll just say it. S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) is essentially S.H.I.E.L.D, but without the Hydra, and instead of the world, they protect essentially the universe from any potential threats. After Talos ends the call with Fury, who is revealed to be in the Kree/Skrull space facility, it to me seems that this is setting up for the new organization to be the ‘base’ of the Avengers, since Thanos kinda.. well he bombed the S*** out of it. At first, it seemed like Fury was drugged, imprisoned, but after a second viewing, it feels more like he has become relaxed in wherever he is and may have been there already for quite some time.

Maybe it’s only me, but the MCU has learned from their mistakes of introducing long-awaited concepts that comic fans have been wanting and not delivering on them (ie. The Mandarin in Iron Man 3), and the Multiverse is an enormous throwaway. My theory is we’ve just been given the biggest Easter egg for what’s coming in phase 4, and it’s going to change MUCH more than just Spider-Man identity reveals could change. What do you guys think?

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